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Some of the projects that dtm Associates is presently involved with or has recently completed include:

  • Novel offline (270V AC) buck converter for 250W peak/10W average bias power supply

  • High efficiency (>98%) 160W Class S modulator

  • High speed (>2MHz clock, <5ns delay) dual output PWM

  • Multi-channel, intelligent AC power distribution/control system with remote control capability

  • Multiple high-performance power semiconductor characterizations and the creation of product data sheets and SPICE models for these devices

  • Several high speed POL DC-DC's using wide bandgap semiconductors

  • A family of high efficiency 50W radiation tolerant POL DC-DC hybrids

  • Several proof-of-concept high speed power stages

  • Multi-channel, low-noise, selectable bandwidth transducer amplifier/signal processor

  • Several complex product teardowns with comparisons and performance evaluations

  • Power system for multiprocessor board utilizing 9 POL DC-DC converters with hot-swap, fault and sequencing circuitry

  • 500W isolated forward converter

  • Discrete radiation tolerant/hardened high speed gate drive circuit

  • Menu driven PC-based test system for DC-DC converters

  • Numerous applications notes and data sheets

  • Numerous semiconductor device evaluations/characterizations including static and dynamic tests including sub-nanosecond switching and sub-nC charge

  • Multi-chemistry industrial battery charging/evaluation system

  • High energy laser drive circuit (multi-kW peak)

  • Radiation tolerant low dropout voltage linear regulator hybrid

  • Analysis software for the evaluation of power loss/efficiency for various power conversion circuits

Why not add your demanding project to this list!

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