MCMs and Hybrid Microelectronics

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dtm Associates has performed hundreds of MCM and hybrid designs for commercial, industrial and military applications, including radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant circuits. We have also designed and implemented many low-cost, high-volume hybrid product designs. We are completely familiar with industry-standard and cutting-edge design techniques, packaging materials and processing technologies for multi-component circuit assemblies:

Technology Selection and Implementation:

Conventional Hybrids (Chip-and-Wire and Flip-Chip),

Multi-Chip Modules (MCM-C, MCM-D and MCM-L),

Mixed Technology (Chip-and-Wire and SMT or

Flip-Chip and SMT).

Design for Hybridization:

Partitioning and Die Selection for Speed Performance,

Low Noise and High Power,

Radiation Hardness Circuit Design (ELDRS, Single Event Tolerance, and EMP),

CAD Layout and Electrical/Thermal Simulation,

Power Integrity and Distribution,

Thin- and Thick-Film Technologies,

Signal Optimization Utilizing Multilayer and Power Plane Interconnection Stack Up.

Packaging Design and Materials Selection:

Metal, Ceramic and Plastic Technologies,

Hermetic and High Durability Construction Techniques,

COTS Implementations,

Design for Reliability.

Material Selection for Performance:

Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Plastics, Assembly Joining Materials (Wire, Solder, Epoxy),

Materials for Mechanical and Thermal Compatibility and Performance.

dtm Associates has been involved in the microelectronics industry for over 30 years and we have maintained active membership in ISHM/IMAPS and the IEEE Microelectronics Society during this time.

Please let us design your next high performance product or take your existing product design and we will design a high performance packaging solution for your product's application.

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