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dtm Associates can help you with planning and implementing the details of partitioning your product at the system level to accommodate electrical, thermal, mechanical, electro-mechanical, input/output, service and customer requirements:

Design for Performance:

Connector Selection,

Backplane Design,

Power Distribution and Bus Bar Design,

Signal Integrity and Signal Provisioning,

Thermal Configuration and Cooling,

Input-Output and EMI Considerations.

Design for Fault Tolerance:

Sub-System Redundancy (2N, N+1, Hot Spare, etc.),

Power "ORing" and Active Signal Hot Swap,

Fault Detection and Fail-Over,

High Availability Architecture Strategies (Hardware/Software Interface and Interactions).

Design for System Maintainability:

Sub-System Partitioning (CRU, FRU, etc.),

Interaction Analyses,

Fault Reporting and Hardware/Software Interactions,

Tradeoff Analyses (Cost vs. Maintainability).

We help our customers to architect and implement their systems to achieve optimum cost, reliability and electrical performance for their customers.

Please let us do the same for you, you product and your customers!

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