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dtm Associates can help you determine and evaluate the reliability performance of your product. We can provide you MTBF information for a product, sub-system or complete system in a user-friendly format. We can also provide customer service-friendly reliability prediction tools for the reliability performance of various customer product configurations. We can provide you thorough product characterization in the following areas:

Failure Rate Determination:

Mean Time Between Failures According to Military (MIL-HDBK-217) or Commercial/Industrial (Telcordia TR-TSY-000332) Reliability Standards,

Component, Board or System Level,

Detailed Reports and Calculations,

Worst-Case Electrical Stress Analyses (WCA),

Detailed Product Remediation Recommendations.

System Reliability Performance:

Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA),

Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analyses (FMECA),

Fault Tree Analyses; "Weak Link" Analyses,

Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR),

Mean Time Between System Interruptions (MTBSI),

Redundant System Down Time Analyses (Availability and Unavailability).

We routinely perform reliability analyses for the simplest electronic components to the extremely complex multi-cabinet electronic systems. We have provided both spreadsheet- and program-based tools for our customers to evaluate reliability of their systems in order to provision spares at field depot sites. We have also have provided many of our customers with simple suggestions that have saved them significant cost in reliability and materiel. We strive to help our customers appreciate that reliability affects their bottom line profitability!

Please allow us to provide you a quotation on your most demanding product reliability requirements.


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