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dtm Associates can help you create comprehensive marketing literature, including data sheets, application notes and product manuals. We can also help you develop marketing tools such as promotional materials for your customers to successfully evaluate and apply your products:

Data Sheets:

Product Pin Assignment With Functional Descriptions (Pinouts), Parametric Performance Tables,

Product Performance Curves.

Application Notes and Product Briefs:

Theory of Operation, Connection Diagrams and Testing Procedures, Higher-Level Applications,

Application Schematics and BOMs,

Product Operating Manuals.


In-Depth Theory of Operation,

Background and General Product Information,

"Whole Product", Considerations and Interactions,

Sales/Field Applications Training Materials.

Pre-Sales and Promotional Materials:

Demonstration Printed Circuit Boards and Evaluation Circuits/Fixtures,

Evaluation Samples With Sample Instructions, and Product Evaluation Guides With Tips For Maximizing Performance.

We can help you with all your technical sales and marketing needs. We learn your product, all its ins and outs, and we use this understanding to help your customers understand, and more importantly use, your product in an engineer-to-engineer manner. In most cases if you give us a schematic or system block diagram, we'll give you back a data sheet or product brochure. We pride ourselves on being comprehensive and complete!

 Please let us help you sell lots of your products.


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