dtm Associates can help you with your most demanding telecommunications product design and development requirements. We design or co-design (with you or a third-party manufacturer) power subsystems, power distribution, chassis alarm and signaling interfaces, cooling fan trays and speed control systems, on-card power conversion (both "brick" and discrete) and high speed communications circuitry:

Telecommunications Power Systems Design

-48Vdc Power Distribution Units (PDUs),

Power Backplanes/Mid-planes and Bus Bar Design,

On Card Power (Discrete and "Bricks"),

Chassis and Card EMI Filtering,

Hot Plug and Arc-Suppression,

Power Sequencing and Critical Signal Control,

Grounding Strategy (Ground Loop Avoidance),

Design for Compliance to International Requirements per Telcordia GR-1089-CORE (USA) and ETSI ETS-000332/386 (Europe).

System Chassis Controller Design:

Maintenance Bus Interfaces (I2C, etc.),

Chassis Power Management

(Orderly Sub-System Turn-On and Turn-Off),

Fault Reporting and Error Indication

(Visual and Relay/Electronic),

System Operating Parameter Reporting


Cooling Fan Controller Design:

Maintenance Bus Interfaces (I2C, etc.),

Electrical Connector Selection,

Hot Plug and Arc-Suppression Circuitry,

"Smart" Fan Functionality,

Chassis Temperature Sensing Strategies,

Automatic or Controlled Speed Selections.

High Speed Communications Circuit Design:

High Speed Laser Drivers,

Modulated Current Sources,

APD Receiver Bias Supplies,

Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Drivers With High Accuracy,

Power Sequencing Controllers,

Discrete and Integrated Driver Circuitry With OC-3 to

OC-786+ Speeds,

EMC/EMI Countermeasure Provisioning.

We have designed many components, sub-systems and complete chassis systems for telecommunications system manufacturers. We have implemented many successful strategies for highly available power systems, power distribution, chassis cooling and high speed optical I/O.

Please give us the opportunity to do the same for you. Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive quote on you most demanding telecommunications product requirements.

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