Analog Design









dtm Associates is experienced in high performance and high precision analog circuit design. The following are just a sampling of the areas in which we can help you with your demanding product requirements:

Small Signal Analog Circuits:

Compensated Gain Amplifiers,

Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers,

Wideband Amplifiers,

Active Filters and Signal Conditioners,

D/A and A/D Converters,

Analog Switches and Multiplexers,

Current Sources and Mirrors.

Controllers and Supervisor Circuits:

Battery Back-Up (BBU),

Battery Chargers (All Chemistries),

Power Supply Sequencing and Control,

"Watchdog" and Circuit Protection.

Laser Drive Circuits:

High Accuracy/High Speed Current Sources,

APD Drivers/Sensors,

Unipolar and Bipolar TEC Drivers,

High-Speed Bias Controllers,

Standard System Interfaces.

We are experienced and skilled in high precision and high speed circuit design and layout techniques. Let us put this expertise to work for you in your demanding product requirement.



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