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dtm Associates can help you reduce the complexity or increase the performance of your product using the state-of-the-art integration techniques. We provide comprehensive source code, documentation and programming materials for all programmable logic and data processing devices:

Logic Circuit Design:


Microcontrollers and Microprocessors,

LSI/VLSI/ULSI Integration,

State Machines and Controllers,

Logic Engines,

Encoding and Decoding Logic.

Analog-Digital Interface Design:

Optoisolated Drive Circuitry,

Transformer-Isolated Interface,

High-Speed Level Translation,

Sensor Interfaces.

Phase-Locked Loop Design:

PLLs and DLLs,

Precision Oscillators and Clocks (VCO, TCXO and VCXO),

Analog and Digital Phase Detectors,

Multi-Order Loop Filters,

Lock Detection and Error Reporting Circuitry.

We have experience with most DSP, Microcontroller and Microprocessor suppliers including Microchip (PICs, dsPICs), Analog Devices (Sharc, Blackfin, ADSP), Texas Instruments (TMS, MPS), Intel, ST Micro (STM, STR, ARM), NXP (ARM7, ARM9, XA, 80C51), AMD, Freescale (RS/HC, MM, StarCore), Renesas (M16, H8, M8, M32), Fujitsu (F2MC, FR) and many others.

We also have designed many low noise, low jitter high-performance clock circuits -- including circuitry with fault-tolerance and redundancy.

We can put our experience to work for you. Let us quote you on your most demanding product requirements.

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