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dtm Associates are experts in the areas of power conversion and distribution. We have designed and implemented circuits ranging from millivolts to kilovolts, microamps to kiloamps and milliwatts to megawatts. We routinely design DC-DC and AC-DC converters in all form-factors, and we also have designed and implemented numerous innovative power systems.

Power Switch Technology:

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors:



Silicon Carbide

We have completed many successful designs utilizing wide bandgap HEMT transistors and diodes. These designs span the switching frequency range to 10MHz and the output power range to 500W. Several of these designs are discrete, full rad-hard and space grade. We are completely familiar with wide bandgap power semiconductors!

Switchmode Power Supply Circuits:

AC-DC and DC-DC Converters...all Topologies (Buck, Boost, Forward, Flyback, Bridge, etc.):

Isolated and POL Converters,

Self-Oscillating and PWM,

Digital Loop Control,

Ultra-High Efficiency, Synchronous Rectification,

Current and Voltage Mode Control,

Active and Passive Power Factor Correction,

Magnetic Amplifiers.

Conventional and Planar Magnetics Designs.

Power Analog Circuits:

We have developed numerous power functions for the commercial, industrial, military and space product arenas. Most have built-in "intelligence" or overstress protection:

Hot Swap Switches,

Smart Power Switches,

Motor Drivers (Single and Multiphase),

Intelligent IGBT and GTO Drivers,

Solenoid Drivers,

Electronic Relays (AC and DC),

Current Switches,

Electronic Fuses and Squib Drivers,

Transient Suppressors.

Linear Regulator Circuits:

We have developed unique linear regulator circuits, including:

Positive and Negative Output Versions,

Fixed and Adjustable Outputs,

Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage,

Ultra-Low Noise,

High Precision Output,

High Power References,

High Voltage Input/Output,

High Power (>100W).


We routinely perform low component count, low cost commercial and industrial circuit designs. We have done all forms of power supply design from discrete on-card designs to implementing commercially-available "brick" converters to high frequency small-form-factor SMT modules to chip-and-wire hybrids.

We provide our customers with fully functional breadboards and prototypes that may be used for evaluation and modfication.

We are also quite experienced with high reliability and radiation tolerant/hard military and space grade power converter designs and have completed many designs for our customers.

Please take a look at our Power Brochure ( PDF, 160k) for a further description of our capabilities. We can put our knowledge and experience to work for you and offer you cost-effective solutions to your most demanding product requirements.

Also, we encourage you to visit our Power Electronics Page to browse a gallery of power converters and power circuits.


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